Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Valentine Swap Arrived!

I took part in Dollys Valentine Swap and my parcel arrived a couple of days ago. My partner was Susan from Black Eyed Susans Kitchen. I was so excited as I opened it. Susan you went all out. Everything is just so awesome. Firstly the fragrance that came out as I opened the box was just delicious.

There are hand made hearts in pink and red. So Clever. A heart shaped box filled with American chocolates. Shortly after the photo they were gone Yum!

Susan had put in a rose scented sachet. Next a gorgeous white hand towel trimmed with pink x's and o's,
A pair of heart socks .....ready for winter....a gorgeous tussie made from a vintage music sheet trimmed with lace and glittered.

And inside a pack of hot chocolate mix complete with tiny marshmallows. That will be gone tonight!!!!

a tiny pad which says "ever stop to think and forget to start again". Susan you know me better than I thought hehe....memory what memory.......... I need this pad more than you think:)

and lastly my absolute favourite. In fact when I fished it out I put it on straight away and kept it on all day. It so matched the pink striped shirt I had on. Just look at this gorgeous silver bracelet with pink beads and silver hearts. It is just gorgeous and I loooooove it!

So thank you so much Susan, you are the best.
By the way in my haste to get my parcel to Susan away I forgot to take photos....see I told you I didn't have a memory :) Click here to see for yourself at Susans blog.

Have a great week