Friday, January 18, 2008


This week I hit Paydirt!!! Yesterday I was passing my local op shop which is usually closed during the school holidays. Anyways I was OPEN so I popped back during my lunch break.
And BOY was I glad I DID!?!? There sitting in a pile of blankets were these two beauties. Now I just love vintage quilts and these are GORGEOUS!!! I even lost my car keys momentarily as I happy danced to pay for them :)) Luckily I found them quickly. Oooh they are in such good condition ..just a bit grubby along the edges...but I don;t mind. And I had to hide them when I got them home...I have so many... I buy them so I can sell them on Ebay but I am keeping more and more and my family have labelled me a serial bowerbird......I guess its serious he he I can hardly get into my Ebay room :)) But I am keeping them BOTH....Yes I am......Don't you love them...I do...and did I say I'm keeping them...

Then this morning I went to the local Senior Citizens Market. Its ok, lots of fruit and baked goods. But today someone was clearing out their sewing I picked up more vintage ribbon, buttons and a couple of pretty vintage aprons......some will make it to Ebay but I am finding it harder and harder to part with these treasures....I think I am incurable :)) Photos to follow when I can find my camera amongst all my goodies.
Well have a GREAT weekend!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Thanks to the gorgeous Dolly from "From My Cherry Heart" I have received my first tag. I am really appreciative but Not sure at all how to copy the links etc. Weird things about me I can find lots of but the computer stuff is a tad challenging. So here goes :))

Yay it worked!!! Now just to remember just how I did it. Now with a memory like mine.............Oh Dear....... Now the rules...
THE RULES: Link to the 3 lovely ladies that tagged me Sher, CatieAn and Tamy. {above}
Post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog. {Yikes do you really want to know this stuff?}
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
7 random and/or weird facts about Me.....
1. I have to do everything in a certain order otherwise it really throws me. I play the same games on the computer and in strict order, routine in the morning is the same every day otherwise I get to work late?!?!?......Obsessive compulsive or what?
2. I will eat just about anything or so my husband says?!?! I grew up in the east and tried alot of strange things. And I just Loooove asian food.
3. As a child I hated tomatoes and beetroot. Now I love beetroot but am still not too fond of tomatoes. And neither are my daughters but my husband and son love them.
4. I have a thing for numbers. I can remember long strings of numbers and remember most phone numbers after using them just a couple of times.
5. I also have a thing for number plates. I recognise all my friends cars from their number plates and I match the letters to peoples personalities.
6. I have given all our dogs middle names.
7. I'd rather mow the lawn than cook a meal. and just to slip another one in....I haven't worn a skirt for at least 2 years. I just find pants so much more comfortable?!?!?!?.....................
Now I have to tag 7 people....lets see.......I am going to cheat just a bit......Oh and did I tell you one last thing about me?.............I always break the rules he he......... So I am going to tag all the pretty chicers.............go for it girls...........:)))))