Saturday, January 3, 2009

I must be on Holiday

Two posts in one week!
But I couldn't keep this one to myself, I just had to share. On the way to our monthly markets this morning.....the market wasn't that good treasure wise but.......there was a yard sale across the road and what a sale it was.....there was a huge crowd already there, making me wish I had gotten out of bed earlier :))))...weeell, you know, it was cool and blowy outside and sooooo cosy in bed...but I digress......I could see there were lots of tables loaded with I knew there would be treasures because I know the lady who used to live in the house...she was the sweetest thing who is now in a Nursing Home who hoarded sorry collected treasures for many many I kinda knew what could be there...but was I too late??????...I practically ran all the way after I got parked...which was a long way off mind you!........after pushing lots of people out the way I was rewarded with......

The prettiest pink single quilt....this one will join my collection....smells a bit musty but is absolutely the best find of the day and at $3 it was also the bargain of the day...a wash with woolwash and she will be perfect :0

A tad late for Christmas but still good for next year....the price tag was for a whole swap of plastic plates but I only had eyes for him......

Vintage gingham binding, velvet ribbon with the original price tag of 19c what a bargain, daisy lace, buttons and a roll of exquisite white can just see it in the background.....ooohhhh I just can't make myself use it.....

More Christmas...this time vintage lights in their original box.....and they work.....well another keeper for next Christmas......

Last photo is of the lot on the quilt......I haven't taken phots of it all....there was more binding and lace and the prettiest vanity tray and pomander (they have ended up in the bin but thats a whole other story that involves a veerrry clumsy cat....but I am so happy anyways....and by the way I didn't spend a penny at the market :))) it just didn't compare...I hope you had a brilliant day


texasdaisey said...

What cool finds. It is so fun to happen upon a sale like that. Looks like you made out great. I just found you & am so glad I stopped by.

Jules said...

woohoo bargains ahoy,loving that quilt and the santa,Sure as eggs next christmas will be here in a flash

Laurie said...

Very nice Linda. Thrift shopping is always fun.

Country Wishes said...

Lovely finds you lucky gal..


Jules said...

no new posts yopu are worser than me miss Linda
All quiet at prettychic
hugs thinking about ya